Wednesday, April 10, 2013


The games we play!

I have difficulty with time management - sometimes. One more row, one more seam, one more pass on the machine, one more bobbin, one more block ... One more ...

This morning it was - one more bobbin. When the bobbin ran out (I did make sure it was full), I would go and shower and get dressed - yes, I was quilting in my jammies. And I did leave the sewing room when the bobbin ran out.

Showered and dressed and lengthened the chain pull on Mom's fan (she's short, like me) and I still have 35 minutes before I have to leave the house.

Meeting a friend for a quick, early lunch, then off to set up for a quilt show with Springwater Designs. I really need to learn how to link on my iPad.

It's a summery day in central MD today. Sandals - I have missed you!

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