Friday, February 8, 2013

There Once Was A Sweater - Almost

This story could be called: The Sweater That Wasn't
It's a long story so I'll just give you highlights - I took a class to learn continental-style knitting (didn't like that way). Ask the teacher/shop owner for help picking a sweater pattern for a novice knitter (me).  She gave me 4 large 3-ringed binders to look through.  I found a pattern (that I was "ok" with).  She picked out yarn for me.  I decided to buy a whole set of interchangable needles (this part I take full responsibility for).  Figured - if I'm going to be a knitter, I might as well have ALL sizes of needles.
I started the sweater. Couldn't figure out the pattern so I put it away.  I got it back out and started again with a new ball of yarn.  That wasn't going so well.  Ripped it out 1/2 way and redid it - still not too sure, so I put it away.
Then I lost 40 pounds.
After a couple of years of haunting me. I pulled out the doomed sweater and measured it - it's definitely TOO BIG.
So - I pulled out the needles

and unraveled and rewound the yarn.

Here is lots of yarn that I can now reknit.

Moral of this story
1.  do NOT spend $250 on a class and yarn and needles until you know what you're doing. 
 2.  Don't let an over-zealous shop owner talk you into something you know is over your head.
3.  If it's not working, put it in time-out and come back later.  Even if "later" is YEARS later.
I'll keep you updated on how this goes.
It WILL be a sweater someday!

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Pat said...

Well, the colors are pretty. Is this one of your 2013 UFO projects? :D