Saturday, February 2, 2013


We had a really good crowd at Sit'n Stitch last night - 18 of us! We're challenging each other to finish up our UFOs - or at least some of them. Several of us had finishes and most of us had "progress". We even had a prize drawing. I do love the time I spend with my creating- women friends!

I finished up 2 quilts for a customer. They're for an elementary school auction. She very proudly brought them to be "with the backing already cut to the exact size." Don't you just love non-quilting?! They're so cute (yes, sarcasm). I added additional fabric to the backs to make them bigger, pieced and added batting for the 2nd quilt and didn't have the heart to charge her for it.

Pay it forward!

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grandmarockton said...

All for a good cause! THANKS!