Sunday, December 9, 2012

Successful Sunday

Today was a great day! I feel like I got so much accomplished. Actually, it was a great weekend! Friday night I went to my twice-monthly "sit and stitch" - except that we're only meeting once this month. I put a binding and sleeve on a customer quilt and made 3 more (of 10) small gifts for my TBD bee swap. I'll share a photos AFTER the swap. TBD - stands for To Be Determined. After several years with no name, TBD has kind of stuck.

Saturday was my Quarter Bee day - we call our bee that because we meet quarterly - we're really clever with names. I put borders on a class sample and made 3 really cute dog pillows. It's an Indigo Junction pattern. When the zipper mouth is open, you can store small treasures.

Today - Sunday - I put the binding on the big class sample quilt, wrapped several Christmas gifts and quilted a customer quilt.


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