Sunday, December 23, 2012


Because we came to Florida for Christmas, I decided to forego all my traditional holiday baking. Ever try to cook in someone else's kitchen? Ever try and cook in a kitchen with about 1/4 the counter space than your own? Ever try to cook in a kitchen belonging to someone who is 80 years old? Ever try and cook in a kitchen of someone who is 80 and has decided to give up cooking about 5 years ago?

But - I changed my mind.

Off to the store to buy a cookie sheet, a spring form pan and a bunt pan. Then into the basket went flour, sugar, various spices, vanilla, baking powder, etc., onto the dairy aisle for cream cheese, butter, sour cream and non-dairy sour cream (yes, it does exist and no, I have no idea what the heck it's made of but the very lactose-intolerant boyfriend is grateful). And a bunch more stuff was purchased as well.

$200 later - I'm supplied and ready.

Butter toffee cookies and a coffee cake - done. Still to go - another coffee cake (lactose free), Chocolate trifle (oh my, is it yummy), Chocolate Angel food Cream Roll (family favorite and just happens to be lactose free) and White Chocolate Peppermint Cheese Cake (my mom's favorite).

I'm a baking ninja in a tiny kitchen with NO dry measuring cups but 4 pairs of a scissors, NO mixing bowls but a couple of sauce pans.

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