Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gift Pile

The grandies pile of Christmas gifts is growing! 2 out of 6 are getting quilts (1got a quilt last year) and 1 (the oldest) is getting a fleece blanket - sports team not to be mentioned in the Cute Husband's home!). The girls are getting hats with adornment - thanks, Dawn for showing Starlyn how to make these. Starlyn showed me! 2 of the boys are also getting hats - still on the to-do list and probably no adornment. The other 2 boys live in Florida - no hats for them.

4 years ago, I instantly became a gramma to 4 kids and this year, I got 2 more - 4 boys and 2 girls. Everyone is coming for Thanksgiving, even Harleigh, the Wonder Dog will be here! Blogging might be a bit scarce. I am sewing and knitting but I'm adding cooking, cleaning and .... I actually went to the grocery store yesterday - all by myself. The Cute Husband usually does the shopping but we're running out of time!

Off to a wedding today and a fiber festival tomorrow. The holiday clock is ticking - my favorite time of year.


Pat said...

Cute hats!

Nikii said...

Love the hats and the flower details. Been thinking of doing something like that for the charity hats I make. Thanks.

Nikii said...

Love the flowers on the fleece hats. Been thinking of doing something similar to charity hats. Thanks.