Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stash Report #43

Even if I don't do a stash report, I am still keeping track. I will definitely continue to track my fabric purchases vs usage - I just love being more aware of how much I buy and how much I use.

So - for the week ending Oct. 28
Used: 6.5 yards. Year to date: 188 yards.
Added: 12 yards. Year to date: 188 yards.
TOTAL: +/- 0
How about that - I'm right at ZERO.

I did do some sewing today. I added borders to my strip quilt - it's ready for the Handiquilter, even pieced the back. Might get it finished during the "Sandy Storm".

1 comment:

Charlene S said...

I love the colors in your strip quilt.