Saturday, October 13, 2012

Early Morning

Before anyone was up and even before I got the coffee started, I was in my sewing room this morning. I just had to piece a couple of quarter-square triangles. I started with two 8.5" squares, marked the diagonals, stitched, cut, rotated and did it again. After a good press and a trim-up = two perfectly sizes 6.5" blocks. I need 2 more - easy peasy.

My October UFO is a box of blocks that I won at my guild retreat in 2009. My goal - get them pieced into a top. It's quite a hodge podge of blocks, all of them have one piece of fabric in common. I need to make a minimum of 5 additional small blocks (2 are now done!).

Hurray! I did NOT go an entire week without piecing something. Time to go get the coffee started, I do believe I hear life upstairs.

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