Thursday, October 11, 2012


Look closely at this picture. Do those fabric strips look like they go with that quilt backing? Not even a teeny tiny bit!

I thought I could swing a little sewing machine quilting today - after the exterminator and electrician and Mom's hairdresser appointment but NO! The sewing stars were just not aligned. Thread got caught in the bobbin race and after I got that untangled and got the machine cleaned and oiled, I thought I was good to go but somehow managed to pick up some hitch-hikers.

I'm going back to my crocheted sweater THAT was working.


doodlebugmom said...

Thanks for sharing this. Makes me feel better knowing I am not the ONLY one ;)

debby said...

I have totally done that. Take a fine pair of scissors and snip the fabric right at the stitching. It should pull out without making you re-quilt the quilt.

Good luck!