Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stash Report #28

For week ending July 7
Pretty good numbers this week.

Used this week: 8 yards. Used this year: 121.25 yds

Added this week: 0. Added this year: 171.75 yds

TOTAL : + 50.50 yards

A friend's mom passed away last month, in Vermont. The mom was a BIG time fabric acquisitioner and now the back seat of my car has 4 tubs of fabric to sort. Dilemma - what I choose to keep - count as added?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Depends..... if you are keeping it to make up some fast give away quilts and they are made soon... not necessary to count.... the stuff you are keeping to add to your stash.... yes you have to count..but but maybe not one to one --- but let's say one to two... count one yard for every two... that sounds fair.. but but I forget why you were keeping track..... keep your $$$ flow low??? or because you have no place to keep more fabric ??? or or it just seem like a good idea???