Friday, May 11, 2012


I've had a number of questions and comments about how much I get done - sewing, quilting, knitting, life, etc.  Because today is a pretty regular "stay-at-home" day for me, I thought I'd let you in on a little peek.
First - you should remember - my kids are grown, although #2 lives at home (again), I'm not homeschooling, carpooling, babysitting or girlscouting (any more. I never homeschooled).
Second - I left my "career" job 5 years ago, worked parttime at a quilt shop (which is now closed) and now I'm a stay-at-home-wife with a very helpful husband.

So ... here's my day so far ...
6:30 - woke up and got up.  Had coffee and a visit with my daughter while knitting 2 rows of my new shawl. Read some e-mail, deleted a lot without reading, caught up on Words With Friends and read a couple of blogs.

8:00 - wandered into my sewing room.  Pieced a quilt back (it was measured and cut yesterday, pieced some binding (also cut yesterday).  Made 8 strings blocks and pieced another String Star block. Started a load of laundry

9:30 - had a bowl of Cherrios, played more Words With Friends, read a blog.

10:00 - cleaned 2 bathrooms, showered and tidied up the house (which is always pretty tidy anyway.).

10:45 - took the dog for a walk. It's so pretty out, I finished planting the flowers that I purchased last week. Moved a couple of houseplants out to the deck.

11:30 - back to sewing room. Switched laudry. Finished quilting a granddaughter's quilt - it's for Christmas.  It was loaded up yesterday on the HQ and I'd already done 1 pass.

12:30 - lunch time.  I'm having a ham ham sandwich while typing this blog post.

So far - that's been my day.  I'll update throughout the afternoon ... if you've drifted off to sleep by now, please know - I'm not offended!  I'm no expert on time management, somedays I get very little done but I do know that on the days that I get a lot done - the TV is not on, I don't get bogged down on the internet.  I'm pretty merciless with the delete button on e-mail.  If I have a busy day - I delete LOTS without reading (nothing from individuals that I know but lots of "subscriber list" stuff)

Most importantly - I switch up all day long what I'm doing - a little sewing, a little housework, a little cooking, a little knitting and I always multi-task.  Laundry is SO easy to throw in and let run while I'm doing something WAY more important!

Progress on the String Star Quilt

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