Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Keilie's Quilt

Christmas present already?  Yep - pieced it in February, quilted it in May!

Made from a jelly roll. I sewed the entire thing together: end-to-end.  I added in a few spare squares just to jazz it up a bit. Folded the LONG strip in 1/2, cut and sewed it to itself.  Folded that strip in 1/2, cut and sewed it to itself.  And on and on until it was the size I liked.

Add a couple of borders ... a REALLY fast quilt!

When my kid#1 got married, I immediately became a gramma to 4.  The oldest (age 11) got a quilt for Christmas last year.  A few days after, Kid#1 called me and said the youngest was overheard telling the neighbor kid - "Kierstyn got a quilt and next year, when I'm big, I'm going to get a quilt too."

Who could resist THAT?!
My first 2012 gift ... DONE!