Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Finish

It was a great day for quilting ... kind of gloomy outside and chilly.  So - I stayed in the dungeon and got this baby quilted.

It's a big quilt - 98" x 98".  I did over-all free-motion flowers with lime green thread. 

There are LOTS of different fabrics - some really cute black and white (or white and black?).

The top was made by my friend Shelley. It's for charity.  If I was a little more charitable, I'd know exactly what charity ... it's for a fund raiser, for a non-profit bakery that hires kids who age out of the foster care system (or something like that).  I donated my quilting because Shelley says it's a really great program.


Sharon said...

Loving the lime green thread on this!

Donna Turner said...

What a great choice to use the lime green thread! Nice going!