Saturday, January 7, 2012


This is my ironing board, in my sewing room. It's a "big board" that sits on top of a dresser. It's wonderful - a great work surface, completely stable and has lots of storage. It's the BEST.

This is the top of ironing board yesterday....

The glue spilled on the iron handle, the scissors and of course - the ironing board cover.  NOT the best.  I've washed it many times but as you can see, the scorch marks don't come out and it looks pretty sad.  So - I cleared it off (yes, big space = big clutter), took off the cover and threw it away. Now I have no choice ... I will make a new ironing board cover.

This is the quilt I was working on when the glue spilled.  It'll still be on my design wall on Monday so you can see the whole thing.

Today, I'm off on an unexpected shopping adventure with 2 quilty-b friends. I might just get fabric for a new cover.


Sara said...

Usually, I just read the various "Quilter Blogs" and move on but I just had to leave a sympathy post. So sorry about the glue mess!!

Sara said...

and I totally love your quilt!

Susan said...

Ugh...what a mess! I do love the idea of having an ironing board over the dresser though. I wish I had room to do that!