Friday, December 16, 2011


Over a month since I've posted! Have you missed me? I've certainly missed blogging. So much as been going on - mostly good.  The time has just gotten away from me.  Here's a brief (ok, not so brief) update ...

Sometimes I work at a quilt shop - And Sew It Goes, in Savage, MD. We were involved in a shop hop for the first time ... Quilter's Quest 2011.  It was tons of fun and TONS of work. 

This is a sample I quilted and we sold lots!  It's called Fall Frolic.

Each shop made this quilt, using different fabrics.  I quilted it and it was a big quilt.

And I made this skinny runner - very cute. All sold!

This is a Terry Atkinson bag - LOVE it. Even the sample sold so I have to make myself another one.

In the mean time - my computer crashed ... it wasn't pretty! Thankfully, the brilliant guy at the computer store managed to get my files and pictures off the old harddrive.  Then I went on a mission to try and blog from my ipad2 but I've decided, it's just not possible ... more days go by and no blogging.

My quild - Southern Comforters of Bowie had a UFO swap night.  I didn't bring one to swap because I love all my unfinished objects. But - I did claim one ... it was a bit sad looking.  I took off the borders, recut them, added some more. Even the back turned out great.

oops - lost the photo of the front - well, I'll show that another day.

Then my Cute Husband brought home a new computer ... more days go by as I try and navigate a new system.  I couldn't find my blog for DAYS. Finally solved that problem.

Then I made this snowflake candle mat for the shop. I'm keeping this sample.

In the meantime - the week before Thanksgiving, I caught a bad cold, which turned into bronchitis (sp?) and lasted and lasted and just when I thought I was getting over the coughing, the cold came back. Now, I'm down to some sniffles and managing to stay awake all day without a nap. 

I've done some knitting and lots of Christmas shopping.  Now that I'm reasonably healthy and caught up on work, I'll be back to regular blogging ... is that a cheer I just heard?!

You guys are the best!


Anonymous said...

you may not blog but you sure have been busy...... thanks for sharing all the project pictures...

WoolenSails said...

Lots of beautiful new pieces and great designs.
Seems everyone is getting that cold again, I hope you feel better soon.


Donna Turner said...

Hurray! You're back! I've missed you, as have all your fan club down south here in my neck of the woods. So glad you're recovering, albeit slowly. And your work is fabulous -- as usual!

Kathleen said...

sheesh......that was one incredibly loonnngggg birthday!!! Glad you're back...