Friday, September 2, 2011


This has been the weirdest vacation we've ever had ...
An earthquake in MD? Who woulda thunk it?
We get evacuated from the Outer Banks after 18 hours.  Our friends' wedding got cancelled (rescheduled for 9/17 but NOT at the beach). So we headed south - who goes to Florida to avoid a hurricane?  We arrive at my mom's house, a week early - she's thrilled. Cute Husband's credit card gets denied at the grocery store.  Seems our card was "flagged" because of questionable charges ... to the tune of $900 in TEXAS.  So, card is cancelled.

What do we do next? ...
Go to the "Happiest Place on Earth!"

Where it POURED rain.

It has rained everyday in sunny south Florida, since we arrived.  I'm thinking anyday now, there's going to be an invitation for us to visit the drought areas in TX and OK.

In the meantime ... I squared up 98 half-square triangles...

and made LOTS of progress on my sweater.

The Cute Husband is heading home tomorrow to MD. I'm staying in FL.  My mom is going to have cateract surgery and needs me.  It's good to be needed

My laptop is going home in the car tomorrow and I'll be left with my ipad.  I'm not too good at blogging from my ipad so it may be quiet here for another week.  But ... I will be back!


Pat said...

The weather does seem weird all over the place!

WoolenSails said...

You are not having good luck, lol.
I hope your mom's surgery goes well and maybe the sun will come out and you can spend some nice days in Florida. We had a beautiful week of weather, next time come north;)


Susan said...

Definitely a vacation that you won't soon forget! Wishing your mom good luck and a fast recovery with her surgery!