Thursday, August 18, 2011


Once upon a time there was a pile of pretty fabric that really wanted to grow up to be a quilt.

After lots of planning and drawing and figuring and meaursing, the fabric was cut. 
Then ... there were 9 (NINE) little piles of 4-patch blocks.  NINE ... did you count them?
 Any one little pile joined up with some other fabric and became a quilt block.

And after all the planning and drawing and figuring and meaursing ... and throw in some sewing and ripping and resewing some how those NINE little piles did NOT turn into nine quilt blocks.

 Don't fret ... a little more sewing (and no ripping!) was accomplished and the center of a quilt was born.
The moral of this story ... after all the planning and drawing and figuring and meaursing (and sewing and ripping and resewing) and you seem to have some leftover pieces (?) ... those are NOT leftover pieces!


Stray Stitches said...

It's beautiful! Sure glad you didn't throw out the "leftover pieces". Love the colors :)

Donna Turner said...

Well, each bigger block only had 8 of the four patches, not 9, so the nine would not have been evenly distributed unless you had 8 piles of 9 each or 9 piles of 8 each. Anyway, you made it all come out wonderfully, and I love the secondary stars! Nice, soft colors, too. Are you feeling fall in the air already?