Sunday, July 17, 2011


My daughter and I took Harleigh, the Wonder Dog to the dog beach.  How fun! It's a small sandy beach for dogs (and their parents) to play.

Harleigh LOVES the water. Boxers can't swim very well, but that she didn't stop her from having too much fun!

I finished this baby afghan last week and finally got around to taking a photo.  This was a fast crocheted project. I need 2 baby gifts in the near future and thought a "non-quilt" might be a surprise.

And - the back of this quilt shows up so well.  I free-motion quilted flowers and leaves on my friend Marion's quilt.

The quilting shows up a bit on the front but GREAT on the back.

I think Harleigh will sleep well tonight!

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Donna Turner said...

Wow, Mary! Your quilting is terrific! You're really good at freehand, and what a great pattern to choose for your friend's quilt. Love the pictures of Harleigh. And you'll have to tell me how you figured out the border for that crocheted baby blanket. I got it all gerflunkt when I tried that part of it and had to make something else up.