Monday, July 25, 2011


What's that saying?

"Time flies when you're having fun!"

And I have been having fun. Working some, sewing some, quilting some, cooking some ... and knitting.

 Finished these anklets for my sister (Goofy 1). I started them, restarted them, put them away, got them back out and finally finished them. She's not getting them until Christmas. Check that off the list.

I started a curly scarf for ... ME! I bought this yarn a couple of years ago (in VT) and finally found a project to use it.  It's so soft and a really quick knit.Although I did have to cast on 648 stitches to start.

 AND ... another re-found friend.  This is, or rather - will be, a sweater. I started this a couple of years ago, before I really knew what I was doing with knitting needles.  I switched patterns mid-stream ... not such a good idea, started the back, got stuck, started a front piece, wasn't doing it correctly, reverse knitted parts of it (rip-it rip-it rip-it), put it away - far away, and finally ... this week ... got it back out, got reorganized and I think I might actually know what I'm doing now!

Quilting blog/photos tomorrow!

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