Saturday, May 28, 2011


Because I can't figure out how to get new photos posted into my blog ... for some reason it hasn't worked for me in 2 days ... I can't show my FRIDAY FINISH quilt.  What a drag!  I had such a busy, productive week.

I did find a "draft" post that I never finished and never posted.  It contained 1 picture ...

This was my project bag for our trip to TN. 
1.  I finished the second sock (lower right) - birthday gift for the youngest daughter
2. I took apart the shawl (middle) - ran out of original yarn and didn't like the substitute.  It's now 3/4 done in a new pattern that will work with the original yarn - gift for my mother
3.  Made one sock (upper left) and will make the other next month - socks for me.

I only actually did #1 on the trip.  The rest has been done since we got home.  I knit during evening TV time.  The Cute Husband LOVES cop dramas ... we watch them all.

Sorry no finished quilts, no beautiful roses, no pets, no mess ... maybe tomorrow.

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