Thursday, May 26, 2011


FLAIR FIESTA by G.E. Designs

It starts with panel blocks, some kept whole and some cut into quarters.  The cut part ends up in the corners of the block.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll have the top done for a big "Friday Finish"

Here's the block ...

 A very cool way to make the pieced part ... sort of a star within a star. Start with an hour-glass block, fabric placement is important.

Add a square in the corner, sew diagonally, trim and press.
Do that for both sides, on top of the printed fabric (not the background fabric).

You need 4 of these to make the star block.  Only problem? The directions are for exact cuts.  I really prefer to cut a little bigger and square-up after sewing.  I'm going to play around with this block so I can get the measurements that will leave a little "fudge" room.

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Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Your block is stunning! How cleaver to use a panel block this way.