Thursday, May 19, 2011


Do you swap?

I really enjoy doing swaps.  It's a great way to add lots of variety to a project without having to buy lots of different fabrics.  I belong to a quilt bee ... it has a very clever name ... We're the TBD's.

Each month we swap 5" pieced blocks and 5" charms.  We'll swap through November and then hopefully have enough blocks to make this quilt.

My youngest daughter was pulling up in front of our house yesterday - it didn't go too well.
 A landscape guy didn't see her (that's sort of scary). He backed his truck/trailer up, hit her, hooked her bumper, pulled forward and, well ... you can see what happened.  He didn't see her?  Thank God she wasn't a little kid on bike!

While in TN last month, the Cute Husband bought himself a present.  Actually, while in Gatlinburg, I told him to drive slower, I was missing good stuff along the way.  I spotted a chainsaw sculptor and we stopped.  And now we own this ...

TBD ... stands for Too Bee Determined ... we still haven't figured out a good name for our sewing bee.

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