Thursday, March 17, 2011


Are you tried of hearing about what a mess my sewing room is?  I don't even have any space to cut.  Someday it might not be a mess and then I might suddenly become blog challenged ... oh dear, that would be terrible!

I don't have space to iron.  For some odd reason, in the midst of everything else I have to do, want to do, should do ... more stuff came out.

This is the result of playing with buttons and glue ...
Not sure where these buttons will end up, but they sure turned out pretty.

While searching for a pattern (and I do believe that's when a particularly unpleasant avalanche happened), I did come across a really ancient quilting tool.  I'm talking practically prehistoric.  Not even sure why I saved them.  "Back in the day" ... before all the fancy shmancy tools and stuff ... we actually used cardboard templates.  I cut mine from cereal boxes.

When I'm in the zone, I don't much notice the mess.  Looking at these photos - I think I really need an intervention.  Even poor Diva has to scrounge for a save place to hang out.

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