Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Yesterday (Monday) I spent the whole day in a quilt shop.  I was covering for my friend Starlyn who went "home" for a few days of sewing with friends in Alabama.  Maryland isn't really home for her ... or me either.  I've lived here for 15 years but HOME will always be Rhode Island.  Anyhoo ...

I put binding on these 3 quilts.

And got to wander around and look at stuff.

And touch stuff and plan for new stuff.

And today ... I quilted ... at home for a friend/customer,

who gave me 6 very different quilt tops.

All very pretty and now 2 are finished.

Update on the "pet stand-off" ... think we may have arrived at an armed truce ... but the jury's still out.
Don't tell the Cute Husband that the Harleigh's on the couch.  I selectively ignore her when she gets up there to nap.


Sharon said...

Touching the fabric...made me chuckle. Sometimes I just need a fabric fix...so glad to see I am not the only one. Beautiful quilting!!!

Donna Turner said...

Love the hearts and flowers pattern. I swear we must share DNA somewhere along the line -- I just bought that one yesterday from Intelligent Quilting. They have wonderful digital patterns! You have been a busy little bee, haven't you?!

Dawn said...

I hit comment to say I love the hears/flowers quilting too! And the fireworks are perfect on that quilt. Beautiful :)