Monday, December 13, 2010


Because it's December 13th and I have 12 more days, I decided today ... I'm going to make my husband a quilt for Christmas.  My normal mess turned into an even bigger mess.

WOW ... did I make progress! I'm doing a t-shirt quilt with 12 of the Cute Husband's motorcycle shirts.  I've been putting them aside when he deems them no longer wearable for about 2 years.  I went through the pile, picked out 12 and trimmed them up.  I managed to complete 4 rows with pieced scrappy sashing.  I might actually complete a whole quilt this week ... after the dentist tomorrow.

My haven ... it's a scary place but I love it!


Cheryll said...

I love it! Your creative mess. Makes me want to go play in my creative mess. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Carla said...

Hey your place looks like mine, very messy.... :o)
He is going to love the quilt you are making. It rocks!

Donna Turner said...

You really made progress today! Me too. Looks like we're both running on high test! I got 23 sets of strips sewn together, ready for cutting into blocks tomorrow. We are the Quilting Queens!!!

Quiltstory said...

Oh my goodness...we're a little too much alike! I'd totally pull a stunt like that (and I did start piecing a quilt top today!) Love it, looks like it'll turn out amazing!

Elizabeth said...

What a lovely quilting space! Oh, and good luck with getting the t-shirt quilt finished! I have a stack of t-shirts of my husband's that I need to do. Maybe next year, eh?

xo -El