Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Because it's FABRIC TUESDAY, I wanted to show you some Christmas stockings I made ... a lot of years ago.  Yesterday I got a phone call and request from Daughter #1 ... she needs 6  stockings this week! Somehow in moving last summer their stockings got lost.  I think there was also a muttered comment about the kids (4 of them!) playing with the stockings over the summer and well ... anyway ... she needs new ones. And of course I could just squeeze in a little sewing in between all the other Christmas preparations.

 In my rush to the store (of course I had to buy fabric) and getting them sewn up quick, I forgot to take a photo.  So ... these are sort of what they looked like.  She better vote for me for Mother-of-the-Year!

When I got home for the fabric store (and the dentist - but I won't dwell on that) ... this was waiting for me in the mail.  How fun for me ... I won yarn!!  Knitters Brewing Company Holiday KAL.  WOO HOO - I made a great pair of socks (gift for my mom), got entered into the drawing, and won.  YEAH for an early Christmas gift for me.

I also heard that Daughter #1 REALLY wanted a pair of fingerless gloves with a mitten flap.  There's no way I would have time to knit them.  I searched several stores but no luck.  So, I searched online for a crochet pattern and found one!  These took me 2 evenings to complete (1 for each mitten/glove). 

I tweaked the pattern a bit and left off the velcro dot ... it looked tacky.

Instead of velcro, I added a stretchy loop.

and a silver shank button.
The stretchy loop ... it's an elastic ponytail holder.  Buy a couple packages ... they're cheap and VERY handy!

Off to the airport to pick up Mom.  Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


Brooke said...

I love these gloves. I have been wanting some for a while. Too bad I don't knit.

Drucilla's Stitches said...

The knitted gloves are gorgeous!! Merry Christmas!

Megan said...

Awesome projects! I think you have a very lucky daughter! :)

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

VERY cute gloves! I am knitting three scarves for January birthdays. You are much faster then I am ;-)

grami said...

Just strolling along the Blog Roll from Holly Jolly Blog Bingo. Nice to meet you Mary. I love your fingerless gloves. I made a zillion pairs last year for my three girls and all their kids (13 then, 15 now + a great). They just got the fingerless part, not the cover. LOL Your stockings are great too.
Happy Holidays,
gramisews at gmail dot com

Quiltstory said...

I'll vote for you for mother of the year Mary!! Just don't tell my mom :) That is soooo nice and those are uber cute stockings. And great gloves too!! Thanks for linking up :)

Donna Turner said...

AWESOME! I want that crochet pattern. Do you have some secret stash of patterns that you just whip out at the last minute? I can't believe what you can come up with at the drop of a hat!

Donna Turner said...

I found the pattern! Have fun with your mom. You've got a full house this year!