Thursday, December 9, 2010


When clearing up all the Halloween/Thanksgiving stuff and putting away several (ok - many) autumnal quilts, I was a bit concerned about what was next.  I LOVE having quilts around to decorate with and for some reason I thought I didn't have many Christmas ones. 

Oh my ... what was I thinking ... of course I have Christmas quilts!

How did I forget about them in the last 11 months?

I have 3 now hanging in my powder room!!  I think all good bloggers should show photos of their bathrooms ...

All of my quilts are NOT in the bathroom.  My snowmen are sitting on a tablerunner.  Donna very kindly gifted me a kit which took me 2 years to make.

The Nutcrackers are on another runner I made several years ago.  Bought a pattern and fabric at a show in Nashville ... hmmm ... that might have 8 years ago.  WOW - where does the time go.  Donna was involved in THAT too.

And ... although I did not think of this as a Christmas quilt, it fit the space so it's hanging up.
That's just a few of the quilts I have up for the holidays.  I have a couple more in the "to do pile" that may find their way into our "home for the holidays" next year.

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Donna Turner said...

Wow! Your quilts are wonderful! And Diva is her usual queenly self -- nice to see her out on the couch, even with Harleigh in the house.