Friday, November 12, 2010


You know how "one thing leads to another" and then THAT leads to another and THAT leads to something else?  That happened to me today ... it really happens to me a lot but today I'm talking about it.

My guild friend Misty and I have become "UFO Buddies," a suggestion by Pat Sloan to help get motivated to finish up stuff.  So, after putting a binding on a tabletopper that's been waiting patiently for 2 years (all done, just needed a binding), I opened up the closet under the stairs to put it away with some Christmas gifts. 

Opened the closet ... and stuff fell out ... on top of me.  So, then I needed to clean up the mess, and tidied up the closet, which caused me to straighen up my bags, which caused me to think about just how many bags I've got ... here are 20 (TWENTY) bags. 

These are the bags I'm NOT using right now. These are the "back-up" bags and this doesn't include any paper or plastic bags. It doesn't include the bags that are stashed in other closets. AND ... it doesn't include the bags that have projects in them or the ones that I keep handy and ready to go.

I have way too many bags ... I think it's an illness.

Before all the bag silliness started - I did finish my August block for the Love Knows No Season BOM. I'm a little behind but determined to catch up next week ... or next month ... or soon

And ... what started all the bag silliness ... here's the tabletopper that was in need of a binding.

It's finished and it's going to be a Christmas gift.

I got to check off something on 2 lists today!


Leslie said...

this is a beautiful gift!!! it must feel great to get some things checked off the list!

Diane said...

Good job! This will make a levely gift.

Susan said...

I'd say that's a pretty good day's work! I love the table runner...nice job!

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful pieces and wonderfully done.
I love the fabrics.


Karen said...

Your BOM is beautiful. Love!

Leslie said...

I LOVE your table runner! you have been busy!