Saturday, September 11, 2010


Whenever I'm asked, "where are you from?", my usual response is, "I'm from Rhode Island but I live in Maryland." No matter where we've lived, home has always been RI. In 33 years, we have lived in 15 different places.

I just spent 4 days in RI with my sister. She lives in VT now. We were both in need of a good old-fashioned New England clam boil and the smell of the ocean. Deb picked me up at the airport and we went staight to lunch. Lucky for me, the local Elks Club just happened to be having ... a lobster boil ... YUM-O!
We grew up here - Newport, RI. Going to the beach was a daily activity in the summer. It's how my mom kept track of all us kids - the litte ones built sand castles and hunted for crabs and the teenagers looked at the boys and pretended not to notice them.

No words ... just a beautiful view. I'll share more tomorrow.

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