Saturday, August 14, 2010


We actually saw "buffalo roam and deer and antelope play." The buffalo were a bit bold and very protective of their babies. Some folks got a little too close. A biker got knocked over - not from our group and not hurt but it was a bit too close for me!
The wild flowers were just beautiful. Black-eyed Susan is the MD state flower but it grows plenitful in SD too.
I don't think my pictures do justice to the beauty of the Black Hills ... it must be seen in person to get a full appreciation of this part of our country.

AND ... yes, folks - there was a stop at a quilt shop - I've got the picture to prove it! In fact, I managed to get into 2 quilt shops during this trip. I do have a patient, biker husband.

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Chris said...

We went to Custer Park a couple summers ago. We also witnessed a buffalo throw his weight around. Two young males were bucking and playing in the road. One car got too close and the buffalo took it as a challenge. He rammed his shoulder into the car, putting a huge dent in the door. People should really have more respect for these magnificent animals. With four teenagers in tow, I didn't think to stop at any quilt shops. I'm glad you got to make a few quilty stops!