Thursday, July 15, 2010


On Wednesday, they ate breakfast. OK - they ate breakfast everyday and thought it was weird that I wanted to take their picture. Besides their cute, sleepy selves, I was taking a picture of their life lines ... ipod, cell phones and laptops. Thank God for electronics.

Hey - they're not my kids, I let them stay "plugged in" for the whole visit.
Then it was back to the sewing room. John was doing some serious stuffing.
The featherweight was MY sewing station. They were both using the "big" machines and thought they were sooo cool.
Krista is a very diligent presser. In fact, we actually retired my "good" iron and had to switch to the travel one. The "good" one ... not so good. It started spitting a while ago and suddenly just started leaking a steady stream - not nice.
And finally ... finished projects! One pillow for John and one tote bag for Krista. They went with me to my guild meeting last night and participated in our show 'n tell.

Spending a week with the "sewing aunt" might not have been the most exciting. But they seemed to have fun. Tomorrow - they head off to the "fun aunt"'s house in VT ... she has an ATV and a creek and even the ocassional moose sighting.


Ceamz said...

Hey, I wish you were my aunt : )

Donna Turner said...

You are such a cool aunt! And good for John for joining in like that. They should both be very proud of having completed their projects, too!