Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Calendar quilt

In 2009 I participated in 2 monthly challenges. A Tisket a Tasket with Anne Sutton from Bunny Hill and Pat Sloan's calendar quilt. With a little set back, here and there, I did manage to mostly keep up (or at least catch up) each month. Each quilt was VERY different. The basket quilt was all appliqued - not something I do much of normally. I had been exploring wool so I decided to do a mix of wool and cotton. The wool I hand appliqued (no need to turn under seam allowances) and the cotton I machine stitched. I added a few beads and buttons as well. And there was some embroidery. The calendar quilt was simple, simple, simple ... just sew one strip each day - preferably using fabric from something you were working on at the time. My strips were not uniform in size but each month, the panel measured 10x40. I added a few appliques here and there, representing something about the month ... a snowman, a turkey. And I kept track of when I finished a pair of knitted socks by sewing on a little appliqued sock. In April my Dad passed away and I wasn't home (or sewing) for most of the month. The hearts were sent to me by members of my quilt guild so I added them in for that month. Best part of this quilt ... a strip a day (or sometimes 5, if I needed to catch up) and suddenly the year is over and I've got the parts and pieces for a queen-sized quilt.
Here we are in 2010 and here I am (again) making a calendar quilt. Pat has group going on over at her Quilt Mash Up site to keep everyone inspired and encouraged. This year I decided to go with a 2" block for each day. 7 blocks in a row for the week and then a row for 29, 30 and 31 (if needed). The unfinished block will measure 10.5 x 14.5". I'll add some sort of applique to represent the month. I worked ahead on January, just have to stitch down the snowflake. I'm not sure why I choose blue ... hmmm ... I think I'll use white thread for the blanket stitching.
I'm also doing 2 other BOM's this year. Neither of which I've started and both involve applique but it's only the 27th! I still have plenty of time. OMG ... it's already the 27th and I haven't started! How much applique does one have to do before one can no longer say, "I don't do much applique."? I might be there.
I've printed off and will (maybe) work on today, Bunny Hill's new pattern Snowbound. It's really cute, couldn't resist and it will be all machine appliqued in cottons. I'm going to try and figure out how to add the button on my side bar. Anne has a flicker group too so you can see everyone's progress.
The other BOM I'm doing (ok, planning to do) is Elsie Campbell's Love Knows No Season. Elsie has lots of tips on her blog for different methods of applique. I'll be doing the machine stitched with fusible method ... my favorite. The actual pattern for this is on Elsie's web site not her blog.
You can see the whole quilt on her web site.
I'll post pictures of the blocks if ... oops, I mean WHEN, I get them finished. The sun is out and the sky is really blue this morning. I've got an electrician in my sewing room trying to fix a lighting problem so I can't sew right now ... but I could be tracing off my applique pieces for these January blocks. OR ... I could go and catch up on some blog reading and be inspired!


Notjustnat said...

Hi Mary, thanks for visiting and left me sweet comment. Sorry there was no-reply on your email so I ccouldn't write to you privately and tell you that I have that heart pattern if you want I can email it to you. Check my Valentine party post: - hope to hear from you soon - hugs Nat

Notjustnat said...

I love your calendar quilt. I've got the pattern and will have to start on that soon - Hugs Nat